Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas to All

The chicken is in the crock pot as we wait for out children and their little ones to descend upon the house. It is that wonderful chaos...which I try to keep orderly !

Have a Merry Christmas and I pray for blessings for all of you !

Have a wonderful holiday !

Monday, December 19, 2016

Society6 and my art work

I recently started putting my art work for sale on is a great place for artists and consumers. Hope you will take a look.

The link is:

Have a blessed day !

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Back...from a short trip

We went down to Florida for a week. Had a great time...saw two hockey games  one in Sunrise and one in Tampa (and today it's so cold and snowy here I would gladly have stayed ).

We took the train and had reserved a roomette for both trips, but had to upgrade to a bedroom for the train ride home. The roomette is good for one person or two slim people ! Once the beds were down (which happened while we were at dinner)it became comical (that is a hind sight comment it really was not very comical that night). There was about a foot between the door and the beds...and climbing on the toilet seat and shelf to get up to my top bunk...people I am 64 it was not a pretty sight !

I am working on a piece for my son in law...his favorite hymn is Amazing I painted a wooded scene in the background and then painted the hymn  on top.

This is a quick shot from my phone...finished the lettering yesterday-now will start to "clean it up"

I paint in the kitchen-tried to make a guest room in the (empty nester) house a studio-but old habits are hard to break !

Have a blessed day !

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Tree Time

Okay-we do not cut down our own fact we have had an artificial one for the last few years (this year we are getting real).

I love the idea of going out and getting one...with your black lab of course.

As always, thanks for taking a peek !

Have a blessed day !

Thursday, December 1, 2016

I started working on a Christmas picture yesterday...since I snapped this with my phone I have added a dog and adjusted the tree a bit...will post tomorrow when it is complete.

All pictures are $45.00 unless they are a print -then they are $10.00.

Thanks for checking them out !
Have a blessed day !

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A fox and her babe

I have not been painting this week...since I am working on an illustration class which is taking up my time (but very enjoyable).

I painted this a couple of weeks ago...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !
Have a blessed day

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Working on more....

I am taking a class at Craftsy. It is by a children's illustrator Lynne Chapman and has helped me to loosen up a bit.
I love to paint but always want to realistically depict the animal or scene.

This class is  about illustrations that suggest the animal and then giving them human characteristics.

Craftsy has a lot of classes (this is not a paid endorsement) and they are worth checking out.

I have an idea for a fox so I will be working on that next. It will be a total departure from my norm...but that is how we grow...right ? Step out and find out !
Have a blessed day !

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A few more Alphabet paintings

Hope you are having a good week ! I went to a knitting group yesterday, I knit on and off and I know going to this group will increase my production-plus there is a great social factor !

I have painted the alphabet and sell the prints ($10.00).

 They all started because my sister wanted them for her playroom in her basement for her grandchildren...

Thought I would put a few more on the blog...

Have a blessed day !

Monday, November 7, 2016

Children's Paintings

I recently started working on paintings that could be put in a child's  bedroom or play room.

The first one I painted is a slightly "fractured " version of Hey Diddle Diddle.

Needless to say they are exhausted from the night of folly and... well the picture tells the rest.

Of course there is no dish or spoon on the picnic blanket !

This painting is available for $45.00. I am going to see if I can make a few prints ($10.00 each).

Have a blessed day !

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I have a good friend whose cat past away recently and now she has just one little cat named Bella.

 I painted a portrait on a  rock (smooth and tumbled from Lake Champlain) of her Bella.

On the back I wrote the word Blessed.

Hope you have a blessed day !

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cows...too cute

I love cow pictures...pretty fond of the animal themselves !  These two I completed recently.
  Morning Stroll
All paintings are for sale at $45.00. Please email me if you are interested.
Have  a blessed day !

Monday, October 31, 2016

Patina Farm's Chicken

This painting was done last year after I saw this picture of the cutest chicken with vintage watering cans.

 This picture was taken at Patina Farm owned by Brooke and Steve Giannetti. 

Velvet and Linen is the name of the blog-beautiful photos and a lovely farm. Definitely worth checking out !

Have a blessed day !

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I started painting the alphabet when my sister wanted letters of her grandchildren.  I have completed most of the alphabet and will start putting them on the blog, in case you would like to purchase them.

The prints are $10.00 a piece (plus shipping) You can email me if you are interested and we can make arrangements.  My Etsy shop will be back soon.

So here we go with the first three letters...

 All the alphabet paintings are painted on 8 x 10 canvases...except the C above -which is an 11 x 14.

Still working on my photography...

Have a blessed day !
Being retired means you have time to take a Brillo and get all the burnt gunk off of your 35 year old Visions pot ! 

Well that's how I started my day...after my doctors apt for a check on the tumor I had radiated and "chemoed " out of me last winter...glad to say it is nothing but a scar !

I wanted to start getting my pictures on the blog...all pictures are $45.00 for the original, I have prints of some and they are $10.00

This is a good one for this time of year-my daughter's cat Kip was sitting up by some pumpkins when she snapped the picture (of course he was on the island where he is not suppose to be ).

Let me know if you are interested and we can make arrangements. I am in the process of revamping my Etsy store.

Have a blessed day

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A New Beginging

This is the third time I have started a blog...but now that I am retired I have more time on my let's see how this goes. 

I spend every morning with a cup of coffee and read blogs...where would I be without them ? I have gotten to know the bloggers like they were friends...morning coffee friends !

I stared painting in earnest over a year ago, but have dabbled in
  • painting
  • felting
  • knitting
  • polymer clay
  • PMC
  • Mosaics
  • and more
So...even though my love is interior design blogs...this blog is for my paintings (and random thoughts).

It started with this painting

And I have not stopped since !

Have a blessed day