Saturday, December 17, 2016

Back...from a short trip

We went down to Florida for a week. Had a great time...saw two hockey games  one in Sunrise and one in Tampa (and today it's so cold and snowy here I would gladly have stayed ).

We took the train and had reserved a roomette for both trips, but had to upgrade to a bedroom for the train ride home. The roomette is good for one person or two slim people ! Once the beds were down (which happened while we were at dinner)it became comical (that is a hind sight comment it really was not very comical that night). There was about a foot between the door and the beds...and climbing on the toilet seat and shelf to get up to my top bunk...people I am 64 it was not a pretty sight !

I am working on a piece for my son in law...his favorite hymn is Amazing I painted a wooded scene in the background and then painted the hymn  on top.

This is a quick shot from my phone...finished the lettering yesterday-now will start to "clean it up"

I paint in the kitchen-tried to make a guest room in the (empty nester) house a studio-but old habits are hard to break !

Have a blessed day !

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